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Nos 18 années d’expérience nous ont permis de développer un savoir-faire unique auprès des professionnels du droit et du chiffre tant en termes de conseil que d’expertise technique sur les logiciels que nous intégrons.


Notre équipe est composée de consultants projet et consultants support afin de vous assurer le meilleur service pendant et après le projet. Le socle de notre équipe = Vous !
Nos fondamentaux : l’expertise technique et l’écoute.




Les premiers clients d’eficio en 2002 ont été français. Nous accompagnons désormais de nombreux cabinets d’avocats et directions juridiques en Belgique, Canada, Luxembourg, Russie et Suisse.
Nos opportunités à l’international nous ont permis de grandir
ainsi que d’améliorer nos process et nos méthodes.


Key Figures
75% of the top 20
french lawfirms
are eficio customers
Eficio has a 20%
regular growth
these past 3 years
Eficio provides
software maintenance
for 11,000 users

Nos Expertises

Nous considérons notre métier comme un catalyseur de fluidité et d’efficacité des processus de travail. Ainsi, nos clients peuvent se concentrer sur le plus important : leurs propres clients.


Les solutions que nous proposons sont parfaitement adaptées aux besoins du quotidien des avocats et des juristes.
Afin de parfaire l’usage, il est souvent important de les intégrer aux logiciels majeurs de la profession à savoir Word et Outlook. Nous intégrons également nos solutions avec des outils tiers de Gestion de cabinet et de Matter Management.


Au-delà de la réalisation de projet et du support, nous pouvons également vous accompagner pour vos choix de logiciels depuis la rédaction du cahier des charges, jusqu’à la mise en œuvre.


Une très grande majorité de clients pour lesquels nous avons mis en place une solution, nous font confiance pour en assurer le support tout au long de la vie du logiciel. Ce service ne fait qu’accroître notre expertise produit et installe une relation de proximité avec chacun de nos clients, gage d’efficacité et d’engagement fort.


Nous délivrons et adaptons nos formations à vos exigences sur l’ensemble des solutions que nous proposons.

Nos Solutions

Electronic document & email management
iManage is the leading provider of work product management solutions for legal, accounting and financial services firms and the corporate departments they serve. ILTA’s 2017 Innovative Solution Provider of the Year, iManage helps professionals streamline the creation, sharing, governance and security of their work product. Over 3,000 organizations around the world — including more than 2,000 law firms — rely on iManage to help them deliver great client work. Today, iManage represente more than 1 million of users.

Key benefits:

  • Improve productivity: Suggested email filing keeps you ahead of inbox overload
  • Find everything: Searching across all work product (documents, emails,images) is automatically tuned to your work style
  • Be more responsive: Secure mobile access means you can view and edit your work from anywhere
  • Work smarter: Seamless integration with the applications you’re already using like Office 365, Adobe, Gmail, Outlook, Lotus Notes and others, saves professionals time
  • Increase adoption: User designed workflows, navigation and contextual help allow fast onboarding of new users
  • Enhanced security: Internally and externally (sharing documents with your customers). Each action is historized to guarantee you the best security and avoid data leakage
Easy management of lawyers compound documents
DocsCorp is a global software provider for document professionals who use enterprise content management systems. They provide solutions for metadata removal, email recipient checking, bulk processing of documents, PDF creation, editing and rédaction and document comparison. Their products are used by more than half a million users in 67 different countries.

Key Benefits:

  • cleanDocs protects against accidental information leaks by removing hidden metadata and checking the email recipient, thereby ensuring users send the right information to the right person every time.
  • contentCrawler helps firms make better decisions by OCR’ing hidden documents in the DMS and making them searchable, allowing better-informed business decisions using all available information.
  • compareDocs allows for fast and accurate document comparison by comparing documents in their native format.
  • pdfDocs is a PDF creation, editing, redacting and binder solution, offering single-click PDF creation from Microsoft Office products and out-of-the-box integration with leading document management systems.
Facilitate collaboration with files sharing
Hubshare is a powerful secure file-sharing platform that allows professionals to collaborate with each other more effectively. Hubshare maximizes your business productivity with a dynamic portal that promotes communication and collaboration between colleagues and customers through file sharing, information, resources, knowledge and file tracking . Hubshare increases customer engagement, improves the visibility and efficiency of your business.

Key benefits:

  • Custom: Solution to your image, customizable widgets, unique platform
  • Mobile: Accessible 24/7, anywhere in the world, suitable for any medium
  • Simple: Simplified deployment, intuitive platform with wizards, preconfigured templates
  • Secure: Data Encryption, Rights Management, Dual Authentication
  • Integrated: Integration with business solutions, API available
Customer relationship management
Tikit Connect combines firm wide business development and contact management functionality with low cost of ownership and ease of implementation. The application sits in Microsoft Outlook so the interface will be familiar, meaning that the need for training is limited and user acceptance a given.

Key benefits:

  • Single point of data entry. Bi-directional synchronisation with any SQL based practice management system (PMS), or other data source provides your firm with a single point of data entry. This means better data.
  • Targeting. Easily pull a list of contacts, based on your own search criteria. Just drag and drop fields in to a report which can be exported to Excel. Better targeting means better business development results.
  • Event management. Use Tikit Connect’s inbuilt event management capability to track participants and their event preferences. You will also have the ability to look at the success of your events throughout the year and provide considered ROI metrics.
  • Analysis. The system keeps track of who you’ve communicated with, which mailings they’ve received and how they’ve responded to each one. It records message clicks, opens, categories, exclusions, bounce-backs, failures, social media preferences… This keeps you one step ahead of the business development curve.
Unified email management
Mimecast works with organisations to provide industry leading, fully integrated cyber security, archiving and continuity solutions. Our cyber resilience approach not only ensures mitigation of the risk associated with email-borne threats, but also reduces costs and provides layered technology that protects you before, during and after a cyber-attack. This solution helps organisations in the topic of GDPR compliancy as well.

Key benefits:

  • Comprehensive email security including protection from malware-less social engineering attacks, weaponized attachments and malicious URLs.
  • Continuity service with RPO / RTO close to zero and a 100% service availability SLA.
  • Highly secure and resilient offsite, cloud-based perpetual email archive Comprehensive regulatory, e-discovery and litigation support through compliance-driven chains of custody and fully indexed archive for rapid search.
Collaborative document sharing platform
HighQ empowers leading law firms and corporate legal teams to transform the way they work and deliver legal services. We unite internal and external teams with social collaboration, secure file sharing, project management, powerful integrations and more, improving data security, efficiency and productivity

Key benefits:

  • Mobile: designed for desktop, tablet and mobile out-of-the-box,
  • Private cloud: we host the platform in our own private cloud in seven data centres around the world. You decide where to store your data and it stays there.
  • Simple deployment: let Software as a Service deliver the benefits of rapid deployment, frequent upgrades and easy scaling with no maintenance headaches.
  • Powerful toolkit: with a modern API, we can fit into your existing infrastructure and integrate with key enterprise systems such as SharePoint, Active Directory and SQL Server.
  • Dedicated instance: we provide you with your own dedicated instance, so you get to choose how it’s configured, when you upgrade and how it’s branded.
Carpe Diem
Time Recording
Tikit’s Carpe diem is a simple to use and instantly accessible platform that captures billable time anywhere, anytime and on any device. Carpe Diem incorporates a range of significant/strong/robust functions, including powerful and insightful dashboards, all designed to maximise hours captured, improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Key benefits:

  • Contemporaneous timekeeping. Carpe Diem captures time as it is worked. Imbedded in Word, Outlook and Office 365, Carpe Diem users are auto prompted to record time. Time Finder functionality auto-populates timesheets based on users’ digital footprints.
  • Expenses and disbursements. Carpe Diem allows firms to immediately capture costs
Documents comparison
Created in 1999 with the advent of DeltaView, Litera continues to develop and commercialize intelligent technologies that focus on comparing, protecting and sharing high-stakes documents.

Key benefits:

  • Fast and accurate results : Run the fastest comparison possible using Workshare. Changes are sorted by category, including format changes, content and other edits. No matter how small the change. Long, complex documents, tables and images are all included in your redline.
  • Compare any file : Word to Word, PDF to PDF, Word to PDF, PPT to PPT and Excel to Excel, Snippets of text, code or other content
  • iManage integration: Select documents for comparison in any of the new Work 10 interfaces. Open your redline in Workshare Compare desktop or Workshare Compare Online. Quickly see what’s changed in a file. Then save your redline or new version back in Work 10.

Nos Clients


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